The Approach

Biomass preservation in anoxic basins.

At the core of our process is the utilization of a natural carbon sequestration pathway and its place within the global carbon cycle. Through meticulous research, sustainable practices, and collaborative efforts, we endeavor to protect the environments we operate in and interact with.

A Journey through Responsible Operation in the Carbon Sequestration Industry.
What We Do

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A Journey Through Responsible Operations in the Carbon Sequestration Industry

Protecting Ocean

90% of the coal on earth originated from the Carboniferous Epoch of Geologic History. Carboniferous means means "Coal Bearing" and the era lasted from 360 to 298 Million Years Ago. Land was covered by large woody plants, trees, and ferns. However, bacteria and fungi had not yet evolved the ability to break down lignin - the woody fiber that makes up trees. As a result trees were buried on top of each other in massive wetland 'coal-forest' and did not decompose. Millions of years later, these trees resulted in the the coal-seams mined today.

Today, we’re working to recreate this process using the naturally occurring properties of anoxic basins. We seek to reproduce a geologic process on a human time-scale.

Sustainable Biomass Sourcing

All of our biomass is sourced in a sustainable manner that supports soil health and is pesticide free.  By using the stalks of crops after food is harvested we ensure that we are not increasing land use for farming.

Verified Carbon Removal

We partner with reputable science driven organizations like Isometric to evaluate the measurements we perform and the carbon we remove.  This creates an operational environment that puts monitoring, reporting and verification at the center of what we do. 

Supporting Our Communities

By purchasing from farmers, we spread out the financial benefit of CDR to larger communities, subsidize food costs, and encourage job creation across a large region.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles
We judge all of our activities according to a set of public guiding principles.
Our Ethics