Principles of operation

At Carboniferous we believe it’s our moral responsibility to research anoxic BiCRS as a carbon dioxide removal strategy, with the goal of understanding if/how it can be deployed at a relevant scale to the problem of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in order to reduce climate change and ocean acidification, all while minimizing externalities on the communities we operate in.

In pursuit of this, we commit to the following.

Open and cooperative research

All of our research will be published in peer reviewed journals to be subject to scrutiny from outside experts.  We welcome other researchers to collaborate with us to gain a deeper understanding of anoxic basins potential for CDR.

Prioritize large scale benefit

The collective benefit to society and the environment is the primary purpose of the research we’re conducting to develop and evaluate the potential for this specific climate remediation technology.  

Involve the public

Public participation in permitting, to assessments of verifiability, and environmental impact reviews are required to maintain trust with the public and an effective remediation project.  We commit to engaging with the public in our activities both on land and beneath the ocean.

Empowering natural carbon sequestration potential. Explore the possibilities with us.
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